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Perth property developers who create subdivisions are required to pay a fee towards the development and maintenance of local parks and gardens.

Looking back in history, gardening has been the cornerstone on which society and modern civilization have been built. And today, almost every modern structure, home, office space or shopping mall has a paved road that leads to it. A paved road that can be followed all the way back to the days of Hammurabi’s code, where gardening and agriculture transformed us as from traveling nomads to settlers. As life here on earth progressed, the jobs associated with gardening and farming were expedited and commercialized, turning the common garden into a hobbyist’s past time, growing flowers and exotic plants for fragrance and beauty instead of foods and medicines for survival.

Fast forward back to modern times, where the world’s ecosystem and economy has been strained by man’s lavish lifestyles of the past century; here, we see things shifting and starting to cycle around in full circle. As the global consciousness wakes itself up to the reality that growth cannot go on infinitely, but must follow the ebb and flow of the garden, we are now learning that there is a season for growth and a season for conservation. You might say that summer has passed and autumn is here, which is why people all over the world are transforming their gardening styles from what was once thought to be the norm, into what is now being called ‘alternative gardens.’