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Basic Things You Need To Know Before Building Your Own Kitchen

The kitchen is often referred to as “the heart of the home” and is without doubt a crucial part of your house. This is where you will spend a lot of time cooking your meals for you and your family. A house is never complete without having a proper kitchen and it is one of the key things that influences buyers when they are deciding on a house to purchase.

Whether doing a major kitchen renovation or a complete build from scratch, most people engage a cabinet maker or buy pre-made kitchens (usually flat-pack). But if you are handy and have the time and inclination, you might find that building your own kitchen is a rewarding experience. There are some basics that you will need to know to do this. You will need to have above average kills and experience in handling tools and in researching techniques and methods. Youtube is a great resource for finding “how to” videos. Building your own kitchen can save you some money if you are not counting the time factor. If it is your first kitchen, then expect it to take a lot longer than it would for a seasoned professional, after all, you are learning as you go.

Below are important things that you ought to know, as you build your kitchen without the help of a professional*.

  1. Intensive Research: This would have to include the rules in building codes even when you think that you’re only dealing with the interior or your house. The design, cost of the appliances along with the bench tops and the flooring styles should also be a part of your research.

It is best to not just rely on reading materials but it is also necessary to visit physical stores to see and touch the products and other items that you will need in building your kitchen. It makes a difference that you see these things physically because you’ll have a more concrete and vivid vision of how your project is going to turn out.

Going to different hardware and home improvement shops near you will help you find better deals as well. Through this, you will be able to compare prices and see which ones would work for your budget.

  1. Designing: Once you’re done researching, make sure you finalise on the theme you would like to go for with your kitchen. This is how you would be able to come up with the right interior design for your kitchen. You can also do a google search to find free online design tool/softwares for planning your kitchen.
  2. Lighting and Electrical: A good lighting plan would help your kitchen be more functional. There should be more than one light switch in this area in order to maximize the potential of your space. Don’t forget to put dimmers, as they add character to your kitchen, especially on special occasions. Consider all the places that you are likely to want to use appliances so that there is adequate power point access.

*Plumbing and electrical are areas that you WILL need to engage a certified, qualified professional for. Doing these things yourself is dangerous and illegal in Australia.

These basic things would help you get started in building your own kitchen. Don’t be afraid to experiment or go beyond the usual design. Emerge yourself in different videos and pictures of other kitchen models, so you would have more inspiration for your kitchen project.

If building your own kitchen from scratch sounds like a daunting project but your budget will not afford a professional cabinet maker or new kitchen, you could do what a lot of people are doing and purchase a second hand kitchen from somewhere like Gumtree and then install it yourself or hire a handyman.