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alternate garden ideas

Alternative Gardens

What does it mean to keep an alternative garden? The idea behind alternative gardening is one of conservation and lifestyles which fall in tune with nature.

Instead of relying on factory farms and genetically modified crops to keep the world fed and healthy, people have started taking the problems that we face in the world into their own hands by replacing the decorative plants in their gardens with useful, sustainable and nourishing plants.

For example, a traditional garden may feature some begonias, roses or other such flowers which are mostly about aesthetics, while an alternative garden would make use of that space to grow things like vegetables, herbs, or medicinal plants like aloe vera, and Chinese hu su wu. It has been only a small portion of time within the bigger picture that man has seen gardening as a hobby or luxury instead of a way of life.

Why Choose Alternative Gardening
Alternative gardening tends to assume the attitude that we should all be responsible for providing useful and helpful plant life to the world with the land we have been given. It embodies the spirit of natural, holistic and healthy living as well as promoting conservation of precious land and resources.

It assumes responsibility for the well being of the planet and the people and animals that live on it, while doing one’s part as an individual to bring the world back to a state of purity and freedom from corporate factory farms, which have had a negative impact on natural order of the world’s ecosystems and provided people with foods which contain chemicals, toxins and pesticides.

When you think of all the land and water that it takes to grow an empty field of grass and a few flower beds that will never feed anyone, but just grows ever so slightly only to be mowed down each week. Then you think of the places in the world where people still go hungry each day.

Then you wonder, what if all that land provided food and medicine instead of being wasted? That thought is probably what has inspired many Perth home owners (and tenants!) to explore alternative and sustainable gardening techniques.